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Real People With Real Answers

We are real people who will actually answer your phone calls and respond quickly to your needs. So, who are the faces of APA?

Karen M. Botzong, CPA

Karen M. Botzong, CPA


Karen is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Accounting. She has been a CPA for 19 years and with the firm for over 25 years. She brings a vast array of knowledge to clients on payroll issues, including IRS payroll concerns.

Pamela K. Moore, MBA, CPA

Pamela K. Moore, MBA, CPA

Managing Partner

Pam has a MBA from Houston Baptist University, where she also earned her Bachelor’s in Accounting. She founded APA to help businesses deal with the complexity of payroll requirements imposed on the business owner.

Stefanie Gerig, FPC

Stefanie has been processing payroll for APA since 2007. She is certified in Fundamental Payroll through the American Payroll Association.

Patricia M. Beatty, EA

Trish is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and can assist clients with those intimidating notices from the IRS. She has been with the organization since 2011 and will gladly help clients with any questions that may arise.